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How can I be sure that I am safe in Government Women Hostel?
The safety and security are our top priority. We have safe localities with security features such as woman staff, verified professionals, CCTV cameras and security personnel. Over and above this, we do a thorough background check of our tenants before they move in, so your sharing their space with safe roommate.
Yes, we have transit room facility for your family and friend, just make sure you let us know a few days in advance to arrange a room if somebody is going to stay over. Also, to ensure everybody’s comfort and privacy.
Government Women Hostel provides you with all the facilities you need to keep important things safe. We provide a wardrobe, and the key to this is held only by you; not even Government Women Hostel staff have access to these wardrobes. So, we wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for loss/ damage/ theft of your things. However, if the case is extreme and needs any police intervention, we will definitely help you out with the procedures and formalities.
The information you give us is only collected for verification and emergency purposes. For security reasons, your name, contact number and place of work will be visible in secure environment only. However, no other personally identifiable information is shared with anybody.
Government Women Hostel android application provides power in your hand, with his app you can manage your account, pay rent and bills online and also can lodge a ticket for maintenance department.
Living in a shared space means adjusting to each other’s needs and we’re sure your roommate will understand this if you tell them nicely. If the problem still persists, you can lodge a complaint with us and we will look into the matter.
We love animals as much as you do, but as per the Government Women Hostel policy we don’t allow pets in PG because of unforeseen issues such as allergies and hygiene can often make your furry friend a little difficult for your roommate to deal with.